Hot Wheels Humvee 2007 (Black Flames on Chrome)


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Year: 2006
Card No: 67/223
Series: Chrome Burnerz 02/05
Color: Chrome
Tampo: Black & Silver Flames on side, Black “HUMVEE”
Colour Base / Type: Unpainted/Metal
Window Colour: Smoke Tinted
Wheel Type: OR5SP
Country: Malaysia

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This military vehicle was initially named Hummer. By 1998, the name changed to Humvee. This casting has always been made in plastic, with a metal base and has been modified (retooled) several times. Original versions has a turret-mounted high-caliber machine gun. Later versions removed the turret but kept the rear opening hatch. The latest mainline releases deleted the opening hatch.

The US Army HMMWV (High Mobility and Maneuverability Wheeled Vehicle), from which the colloquial “Humvee is derived, was fielded in 1986-88 and participated on its first combat mission in Operation Just Cause (Panama) in 1989.

The Humvee is Playable in Hot Wheels Extreme Racing Under Name 4X4.


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